Artificial intelligence: CEGEP teachers want training

With artificial intelligence becoming increasingly prevalent, CEGEP professors and lecturers need training in the field, says president of the CSN union, Caroline Senneville.

As a new academic year approaches, CEGEP teachers say they lack the artificial intelligence tools they need to help them detect plagiarism in assignments. They also want to be more comfortable with the developing AI field.

In an interview on Tuesday, Senneville said she thought a guide to best practices in this area would also be a good idea since teachers value their professional autonomy and don’t want everything to be dictated by the ministry.

She said artificial intelligence isn’t just a potential drawback, it can also be an interesting pedagogical tool.

The teachers want a working committee on the issue to be established and wish to participate in the process.

Senneville noted that the Ministry of Higher Education held a day of reflection on the subject in mid-May.

“It was a good first step, but since then, we’ve been waiting: is there a timetable for the work? Is there a game plan? What we’d like to have is a permanent committee,” she explained.

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