CCCIQ Members

Farnoosh Boroomand, BBA, MBA
Farnoosh Boroomand, BBA, MBAPresident
An experienced banker with solid experience personal and commercial business banking, winner of multiple awards of the best of the best in the financial industry.
Hima Tajmiri
Hima TajmiriVP Marketing
Bachelor degree of Graphic Design Marketing Certificate Accumulate 15 years of experience in Marketing and Business Development. Marketing Responsible @NuEnergy Marketing Responsible @pegah Dairy Cofunder @Sibeh-Rasaneh-Emruz (Ad-Agency) Commercial Negotiator @China (Import&Export)
Fattaneh-Tayebeh Rahimi
Fattaneh-Tayebeh RahimiArt & Cultural Department - VP Cultural Affaire
Gestionnaire culturelle, artiste et professeur d’art, Titulaire de deux Maitrises: management des entreprises culturelles de HEC et en Arts visuels de l’Académie des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles. Expérimentés en stratégie de développement d’entreprises, création d’événements et enseignante en arts visuels. Est présentement Chargée …
Elham Madah
Elham MadahVP Sponsorship
Elham is an international trade specialist who works with international export/import and logistics companies. Elham holds a certificate in international trade, improvement of pharmaceutical production and bachelor of applied chemistry.
Elham Teimouri
Elham TeimouriVP Project Coordination
She is a financial advisor in the National Bank of Canada, She has received the Best of the Best award in 2018. Elham has a master’s degree in Translation Studies. She is certified by Autorités des Marchés financiers and also the author of several papers that are presented in different National and International …
Dr. Farnaz Farnia
Dr. Farnaz FarniaVP Strategy
Farnaz Farnia is the manager of business development Artificial Intelligence at Intelius Analytics Ltd. Prior to that, she was a data scientist and professional researcher at CIRANO between 2013 to 2019. She holds a MAB and a Ph.D. in Data science in international business. During her studies, She conducted many projects …
Mohammad Nikou
Mohammad NikouVP Student Affair
Mohammad has two master degrees in computer science and statistics. Having 10 years experience of working with big data, he currently does research on the application of data science in medicine and specifically cancer.
Shirin Ganjeh
Shirin GanjehVP Graphic & Web Designer
Graphic & web designer at RJCCQ (Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec) with 2 years experience with bachelor degree in Computers Engineer and DEP certificate in graphic computer.
Reza Shamiri
Reza ShamiriCoordiantion
Graduated in Business Administration, Over 10 years of experience in a reputable International leading trading company for developing and coordinating businesses mainly in the Automotive sector. Teaching courses relevant to Global Supply Chain Management at Matrix College in Montreal.
Hoda Sayadi
Hoda SayadiInformation Technology Director
Java Web Developer with a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology, DEC certificate in programmer analyst, DEC certificate in Full Stack Java Developer.
Setareh Hadavi
Setareh HadaviInformation Technology Director
Setareh Hadavi is a full-stack developer With hands-on experience in developing web and mobile applications. She has a bachelor’s degree in software engineering back in Iran with an innate love of writing code to solve complex issues.
Fatemeh Dordahan
Fatemeh DordahanSponsorship Director
Fatemeh is a master student in Polymer chemistry. Vocational certificate in painting, vocational certificate in Carpet-weaving.
Hamidreza Khansari
Hamidreza KhansariArt & Cultural Department - Technology and Sponsorship Manager
Commercial Award Winner Content Create Photographer specialized in Fashion and High-End retoucher based in Montreal, Canada.
Parissa Rajabian
Parissa RajabianArt & Cultural Department - Project Manager
Parissa Rajabian is an Iranian visual artist and art educator based in Montreal. She holds a Bachelor’s in painting in 2004 from Iran. She had held five solo exhibitions between 2006 and 2020 in Iran and Canada and has participated in several group painting exhibitions and New Media between 2000 to 2020 in Iran, USA (California,
Leila Refahi
Leila RefahiArt & Cultural Department - Event Manager
Leila Refahi is a multidisciplinary visual artist, interdisciplinary researcher, and art educator based in Montreal. She was born in 1985 in Tehran and was raised by parents who nurtured her in an environment full of art. Refahi graduated from the Azad Art and Architecture University of Tehran in 2010 with Master’s degrees in painting.
Marjan Rashtchi
Marjan RashtchiGraphic and Web Designer
I am a Graphic and Web Designer. My skills are combining art and technology to produce visual concepts such as logos, posters, brochures and more. As a mathematician for many years, I am very analytical and have strong attention to detail.
Sahar Bakhtiari
Sahar BakhtiariArt & Cultural Department - Research Manager
Sahar Bakhtiari is a painter and illustrator based in Montreal, Canada. She started traditional painting with a renowned master of Persian miniature (Mohammad Bagher Aghamiri) in Iran in the late 90s. She also studied Illustration at Dawson college and strengthened and perfected her skills as an illustrator. Her work has
Soheil Ataie
Soheil AtaieMember of Sponsorship Team
An enthusiast quantum physics researcher, A concept developer in business and markets, Working on bringing artificial intelligence into financial and fiscal markets, A new member to CCCIQ family
Mehrdad Paknejad
Mehrdad PaknejadMember of Sponsorship Team
Mehrdad is a motivated Ph.D. student in Biomedical, working on titanium porous structures as bone replacements. He got his mechanical engineering certificates (Bachelor and Master) in Iran. He has bright 10 years of experience in selling products such as luxurious watches. Additionally, he is a trainer and coach of swimming.
Frin Senior Business Analyst
MBA in Marketing and BS in Biology. She has some experience in Admin, but mainly her professional background is in BA. She has 19+ years work experience in international and Iranian environment.

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