As part of its mission, the CCQIC organizes various activities, including mentoring, coaching, organizing workshops aimed at empowering Iranian Business community, entrepreneurs and students.

The CCCIQ takes the lead in hosting networking events, providing tailored consulting, transferring the know-hows of doing and growing business in Canada to the Iranian community of Québec and the broader Québécois community.

Although the CCQIC is an organization related to a specific ethnic community, it remains non-exclusive, open to all and involved as a member of the Québec society.

The CCCIQ vision is to become a powerful and resourceful hub of Iranian businesses, entrepreneurs and students. We strive to be perceived as a driving force that promotes and supports our members’ businesses, ideas and competencies. The CCCIQ will unify the voice of the business community and will connect entrepreneurs to investors to lead this ecosystem toward a sustainable business growth.

The Chamber of Commerce of Iranian – Quebecois Community adheres to the following core values:


  • Member-Focused: 
    Our members are our priority. We strive to bring the greatest value to our members and their businesses in Quebec.
  • Result- oriented:
    The Chamber’s members and business communities will see measurable results from our programs, services, and activities.
  • Inclusivity:
    We promote and support business interests in Quebec and recognize the diversity of our members and the region.
  • Collaboration
    We will try to open new doors to our community by providing tailored consultation, by the sharing of information, and collaboration with our members of all size and backgrounds. We will proactively address business-related issues that commonly have been faced by Iranian business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Continuous Improvement
    We strive to be innovative, to lead by example and to share with, learn from, and support our members through standards of excellence in all areas of the chamber business.
  • Integrity:
    The Chamber conducts business with honesty and integrity.


Images from CCCIQ Inter-Cultural evening


Photos by – Photo Mahnaz

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