About us

The Chamber of Commerce of the Iranian Community of Quebec was registered as a non-profit organization, based in the glorious city of Montreal.
The chamber aims to create and expand a suitable platform for mutual cooperation between Iranian and Canadian businesses in terms of trade, tourism, and investment wherein the businesses can develop their commercial activities. the chamber also aims to create an environment for young entrepreneurs where they can have support from the experts of members in the chamber to be able to initiate their entrepreneurship journey and achieve their potential.
in a nutshell, the main object of the chamber includes but is not limited to:
1- facilitate the commercial activities between the Iranian and Canadian businesses
2- promote and develop the business activities between the two countries.
3- Advise Iranian businesses about the business environment in Canada.
4- highlight the legal and commercial risks of doing international business
5- conduct due diligence about the business entities
Consider the mentioned overview, in order to achieve our goals the Chamber will:
1- Organize the seminars and conferences in collaboration with experts, seniors, and industry managers
2- Organize the workshops in order to update the members about the opportunities and challenges of doing business
3- invite the experts to give a lecture about a specific subject
4- support young entrepreneurs in shaping their business
5- establish a mechanism to settle the disputes between the Iranian and Canadian businesses in an amicable way wherein both parties can enjoy their friendly relationship
The chamber welcomes new enterprises who are interested in doing business between Iran and Canada to contact us if they need any assistance in entering the market.