Elly’s Tea

A Premium Tea, Tisanes, and saffron

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A Premium Tea, Tisanes, and saffron

company in Quebec, Canada

Elly’s Tea is a Canadian importer, producer, and distributor of the highest quality teas, tisanes, herbal mixes, and saffron, carefully sourced from around the world. The company’s defined priority is to help individuals improve their physical and mental health through healthy drinks. Our mixes once consumed regularly can help with the enhancement of the immune system, gradual weight loss, better night sleep among other health benefits.Our products are dispatchable in North America upon customer’s orders. To select the best drink based on your taste and preferences, do not hesitate to consult our website. Stay tuned for our latest products and events by following us on Instagram and Facebook!

Improve your health with every sip of magic and love in Elly’s Tea!