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Being a member of the CCCIQ has many benefits.

What are the advantages for CCCIQ members?2018-11-25T23:17:21-05:00
  • Helping and supporting the Iranian community
  • Access to a large pool of talent/members
  • Discount on future events
  • Potential discounts at local businesses
  • Mentorship/peers/advisors
  • Guest speakers
  • Annual dinner
  • Career advancement workshops
  • Chance to network with Iranians from other provinces
  • Opportunity to volunteer and contribute to the Iranian community
  • Wide range of educational activities for young professionals and recent graduates
  • Create an environment that fosters information sharing and knowledge transfer among members in order to facilitate their personal and professional growth
  • Access to all Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ) and  regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du québec (RJCCQ) advantages, including significant discounts on group insurance
Exclusive Service of MRA Insurance Firm2018-11-26T23:30:16-05:00
Collective Insurance Plan of Chambers of Commerce2018-11-26T23:36:42-05:00
Exclusive discounts on your insurance: it’s settled.2018-11-26T23:38:38-05:00
2.5% * discount on your Ultradollars prepaid card orders2018-11-27T23:55:09-05:00

FCCQ is pleased to offer you a discount of 2.5% * on your orders prepaid card Ultradollars. These cards allow you to adjust your fuel purchases at Ultramar stations. In addition, the packages available cards also allow you to offer unique gifts in the holiday season to your employees, customers or employees while making money.

*Minimum of 250$.

More informations | Download the form

Discount on your gas purchase with Esso2018-11-27T23:55:56-05:00

Esso and the FCCQ are pleased to offer a discount of 0,035 $ per liter on your gas purchase. Members can benefit the Esso business and fleet card which provide an effective management system for vehicles. Once you register this program you also can benefit a Speedpass ™ – the fastest way for your vehicles to fuel up and go at Esso. The discount is available for all the Esso gas stations in Canada. We offer now 2 different customized programs, a corporate’s program, and an employer’s program.

For our corporate’s program:

Download the form  or   Sign up online

For our employee’s program:

Download the form  or Sign up online

Special prices from PUROLATOR, UPS and FEDEX … A website to compare and ship!2018-11-28T00:13:34-05:00
Management Leadership Institute Discount2018-11-28T00:40:59-05:00
Hotel nights reservation discount2018-11-28T00:01:00-05:00

FCCQ is proud to offer its members a 15% discount on the best rate on any of the 31 institutions of the Hôtellerie Champêtre network. Today, we can proudly state that Hôtellerie Champêtre is the best network of country inns and hotels in Québec! What makes Hôtellerie Champêtre unique is an unequaled formula that brings together superior quality accommodations, fine regional cuisine and a variety of activities for all. By opting to stay in one of the numerous establishments in our network, guests are getting more than a simple hotel room. They are embracing a world of many possibilities and an experience that will fulfill their needs from check-in to check-out.

To receive the discount simply enter the promotional code. contact Jeffrey Catherine to know 514-844-9571 ext 3270 or

Catherine Jeffrey

Clic here for more infos

Software discount2018-11-28T00:44:37-05:00
Discount on digital marketing2018-11-28T00:46:27-05:00
Increase in the level of productivity of companies2018-11-28T00:50:17-05:00
Swearing service2018-11-28T00:51:49-05:00
Savings on your conference calls2018-11-28T00:57:02-05:00
Meetings on iPad: efficiency, security and usability.2018-11-28T00:58:24-05:00
Payment Solutions GLOBAL PAYMENTS2018-11-27T23:58:02-05:00

The FCCQ has established an exclusive partnership with Global Payments in order to offer customers advantageous options for credit management and payment solutions. Global Payments, a leader in the payment processing industry, offers extremely advantageous rates for VISA, MasterCard, Interac and American Express. For you, Global Payments’ membership fees are cancelled.

Download membership form here ! | Preferred Pricing Program


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