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Event Content محتوای رویداد
اتاق بازرگانی ایرانیان کبک، در نظر دارد رویداد بی نظیری در مورد ابزار مورد نیاز کارآفرینان در حوزه دیجیتال مارکتینگ، با حضور میهمان عزیز، آقای امیر گنجه ای در تاریخ 26 آوریل برگزار کند.
همگی شما عزیزان را به حضور در این جلسه اطلاع رسانی، آموزشی رایگان و بسیار مفید دعوت می کنیم.
آقای گنجه ای سابقه چندین تجربه موفق کارآفرینی و گسترش کسب کارهای در حوزه تکنولوژی و دیجیتال مارکتینگ هستند. از جمله: 6thSolution.com  و rekab.app
عناوین مورد بحث:
– چگونه یک موقعیت خوب کسب و کار دیجیتال پیدا کنیم؟
– مدل های محبوب کسب در آمد دیجیتال
– فروشگاه دیجیتال، فروشگاه آمازون، Shopify Dropshipping
– وبسایت و اپلیکیشن موبایل برای کار شما
– بازاریابی در شبکه های اجتماعی و مباحث مفید و جذاب دیگر

Guest: Amir Ganjeiie.

A serial tech entrepreneur with expertise in new business development and digital marketing. His latest companies are 6thSolution.com, a startup studio company and rekab.app, a mobility platform for smart cities.

We are honored to announce that CCCIQ will host a session with Mr. Amir Ganjeiie on April 26th 2021, at 6:00 PM.

In this event we will cover:
How to find a profitable niche
popular online business models
Online shop, Amazon FBA program, Shopify dropshipping
website or mobile app?
Wordpress, Shopify, Wix ?
Social media marketing


The Presentation Content

101 for first time digital entrepreneurs

  • The ONLY goal is to SELL and make profit
  • Always remember Pharmaprix!


Popular business models in online world

  • Sell a physical product: FB group, Amazon Marketplace, Instagram
  • Sell a digital product:Zazzle.com
  • Sell an online course: thinkific.com
  • Innovative tech startups

Market Selection

  • How big is it?
  • Competition: do a thorough research
  • Your expertise: be honest with yourself
  • Know your customer
  • Know your network strength
  • There is no need to be 100% innovative! Just 10% is enough



  • Shipping cost is very expensive in Canada
  • Operation prevents you from global expansion
  • It’s easier to sell, people like tangible products
  • You will compete locally
  • You can sell to anyone! Around the world
  • There is literally no service/product delivery cost
  • It’s harder to sell
  • You will compete with the whole world


  • Fulfilled by Amazon FBA
  • Amazon handles inventory, billing, shipping
  • You need to put your products in Amazon inventory
  • Margins should be high
  • You just focus on marketing and sales


Sell digital products

  • Just do the design
  • Use one the market places like Zazzle
  • Focus on sales and marketing


Online Course

  • Find a niche
  • Create content
  • Focus on sales and marketing

Some ideas – Online course

  • Cooking for your persian date!
  • Learn how to date a persian girl
  • Farsi for second generation kids



  • Do not over think! Be brave and act!
  • your niche
  • Do a market research
  • Launch small, run some ads
  • Gather feedback
  • Iterate!


For every new businesses you need

  • High quality product / Service
  • Team
  • Marketing strategy
  • Early Adaptors ( use Iranian community in a smart way)
  • Create trust
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Money


Marketing ROI is important

  • Ads work!
  • Email marketing is super important
  • Be creative and brave!
  • Know your customer needs!
  • Work with experts
  • Based on your profit margin, decide on the ad expenses

Your Team

  • Find a team in Iran and work with them! Use ponisha.ir and jobinja.ir
  • Use Fiverr.com
  • Good developer costs around $1000 ~ $1200/m CAD in Iran
  • Content creator (graphic, text) around $600 CAD/m


  • Apply for every grants: have a young, female co-founder
  • Apply for loans: PME montreal, BDC, enterprunerici, futurpreneur, …



  1. Online course: How to date persians?
  2. Define your target market
  3. French Canadians who have a persian colleague, neighbor, classmate,…
  4. Between 30 ~ 50 years old
  5. Willing to invest $100 on a course

Create your course

  • List of lessons
  • Record your videos (using an iPhone) and just be careful about the voice quality
  • Find someone in Iran to do the post production for you
  • Create an account on thinkific
  • Create a landing page for advertising your service

Create a landing page

  • Landing page is where your potential customers land after clicking on your ads. Find someone in Iran to help you with the design and tech part
  • Introduce yourself and explain why this course is important
  • Have video testimonials on the page
  • Ask them to enter their email address for a free access to the first couple of lessons
  • Offer time limited discounts, like if you signup NOW, you will get 30% off

Do a social marketing campaign

  • Create an interesting video or a nice design
  • Spend $500 on FB lead generation ads. these ads, should bring you around 50 leads, find someone specialist in Iran to help you with the technical side
  • Offer them free access to the first three lessons
  • Lead them to your landing page

Convert free users to paid users

  • Define a smart email marketing strategy
  • After they watch the first video, send them a 10% off coupon
  • After they finish the course, if they don’t register in 10 days, send a 30% off coupon
  • Send them video testimonials to encourage them to subscribe

Calculate the ROI and Repeat!

  • Calculate the sales for $500 ads
  • If you are making a profit, just repeat !
  • In this case, if you convince just 6 people to buy your service, you are making a profit! Remember with $500 you almost get 50 free users

New Startup

Minimum Viable Product

  • High quality product
  • Does the most important thing!

Important Metrics

  • From the user perspective
  • UI / UX
  • Speed
  • Bugs

Cash Flow and revenue model

  • Startups fail because of cash flow not revenue model

Organic and Paid users

  • Organic users are FREE
  • Paid users come from paid ads

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

  • Free users from Google
  • Takes time and energy
  • The most attractive lead generation technique

Inbound Marketing

  • Generating attractive content for final your users

Social media marketing

  • Mostly FB and IG
  • Target market selection
  • Perfect for general products and services

Search Engine Marketing

  • Paid ads on Google
  • Keyword selection is important
  • Landing page is important

Software Quality Metrics

  • Technical Debt
  • Use platforms
  • Scalability is important

Online Shop

  • Why shopify?
  • Why WooCommerce? In Iran developers don’t know that much about Shopify

| info@ccciq.ca

| 1 Westmount Square, Suite 455, Westmount, H3Z 2P9

March 2023
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